Espresso Gusto Classico

Espresso Gusto Classico

Codice: 31

Espresso Gusto Classico 1000g beans

A traditional, thick and intense blend. Strong, chocolatey, pleasant, lingering aftertaste. Creamy heavy mouthfeel with notes of toast, popcorn and roasted nuts. Balanced throughout with an intense flavour. Espresso cuts through milk to deliver an intense smokey drink with roasted nuts, cedar wood and a peppery finish.


·         Well balanced Arabica and Robusta blend from South America and Africa

·         Medium roasting

·         Strong, chocolately, pleasant, lingering aftertaste

·         Codice: 31

·         Tipologia: Caffè tostato in grani

·         Scadenza: 24 mesi

·         Peso confezione singola: 1000 g

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